Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday Celebration! The MoMo Twins Instagram Superstars!

July 25, 2016


We were thrilled to set up a dessert table for @leialauren first birthday celebration! Many of you may know them as the baby Instagram stars and fall in love with their cute and quirky expressions! 

The theme for the party is Enchanted Garden in Pastel Colours! These are the snippets of the event :)

Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday

Balloon Arches!

Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday

The backdrop and 4-tier cake!

Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday

The super adorable twins making the debut. Apparently one of them is the naughty one, with the other not so amused >.< Same same but different!

Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday

And of course, our highlight! Our dessert table! With a printed backdrop of a collage of their adventures from when they were born to 1 year old! A trip down memory lane "). Mummy Amber has reuqested for us to do a "savoury" dessert table, consisting of savoury canapes and also sweet desserts for the noon event. We thought it was a great idea! They specifically requested for food trends like salted egg yolk crossiant (YAY!) and also quiche! These items can be ordered from our website for your next party :)

Leia and Lauren 1st Birthday

It was a nice experience working with Amber and Peter, really nice people! Happy One-derful birthday, Leia and Lauren! Grow up well! 

All conceptualization of theme, dessert table styling and desserts were done by WhiteSpatula.

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