Instant Noodle Surprise Box (FREE SHIPPING)

You saw this new instant noodle flavour but not sure if it's nice. You kept thinking - should you buy the bundle, whuch usually 4 or 5 packs per bundle? If you don’t fancy the flavour, what are you going to do with the remaining packs?

Deja vu? It is same dilemma that we have too so we have this box for you - Surprise Box of Instant Noodle! Its weight close to 2kg* of instant noodle in this box so you can imagine the number of different instant noodle inside the box - specially curated by us. You can also send this as a surprise gift to your love ones too!

The best part of getting this as we will send you different type of noodles around the world for your enjoyment every single time

*Each box will weight at least 1.5kg to 2kg and will varies from box to box, as it contain assorted instant noodles  that are available at the time for packing.

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