Macaron, Meringue & Cookies

Where the Best Macarons in Singapore Are Baked to Perfection

Relinquish control and indulge in an all-out binge of our unique sweets. We have a wide selection of macarons, meringues and cookies for your private dessert stash in Singapore. Or buy these confectionaries as attractive petite gifts to mark a special occasion with friends and family. 

Every piece of goodie we bake is handmade with love, and we engineer our innovative flavour profiles to serve up only the tastiest treats to you. Take, for example, our yummy macarons. Every bite is a satisfying combination of a crumbly shell that melts in your mouth, complete with a soft, chewy marshmallow-like middle.

These brightly coloured little desserts, including the macaron sandwiches, are delicately made to tantalise your taste buds and perk up your day. See our flavourful selections and take your pick today!

Delicate French Sweets Without the Hassle of Air Travel

No need to travel halfway across the world for French patisseries to fix your insatiable craving for fancy little delights. Have the best French macarons, Meringue Kisses, and Mini Pavlovas right here in Singapore with White Spatula.

Plus, even if you have dietary requirements, we customise our bakes to cater to all your needs. We make gluten-free, eggless, or even low-sugar and organic desserts without compromising on the taste so that everyone is equally entitled to enjoy our unique sweets.

Sweets at Your Demand - Anytime, Anywhere

Has this ever happened to you? You have a sudden but intense sweet tooth craving. Still, because you weren’t able to find a decent artisanal bakery on par with your desires, you end up holding out for weeks until eventually, the craving itself dissipates like a stifled sneeze. 

But now that you have us, you no longer have to worry about inconveniencing your cravings. Shop today on our online store, and arrange for delivery anywhere in Singapore. Or, if you can’t wait to tear into these luxurious macarons, head down to our physical store for a self-collection.