Style A Dessert Table / Photo Moments

Style a Dessert Table in Singapore - For Baby Showers, Birthdays & More

From baby showers to birthday celebrations, desserts tables have become a staple for many special occasions in Singapore. Not only does it complete the look of any party, but a beautifully decorated dessert table setup will also make a great photo-taking backdrop. Here are some occasions where a dessert table can complete your decor, guaranteeing an unforgettable party experience.

A Dessert Table for Every Occasion

1. Baby Shower

For first-time parents in Singapore, hosting a baby shower is a must-have to mark this significant milestone as a family. With a spectacular dessert table setting, you can truly capture special moments that will stay memorable in years to come.3

2. Birthday Party

With so many fun-filled birthday party themes for both boys and girls to explore, you can truly get creative to make it an unforgettable birthday party for your little one. To bring your little girl’s favourite fairy tale to life, a white tulle backdrop, for instance, will add a magical touch to her princess-themed birthday. If you’re in need of kids birthday party ideas, we’ve rounded up different styling packages with varying themes to ensure your precious kid’s birthday party is a sure-hit.  

Besides kids’ celebrations, who says you can’t have a birthday party for grown-ups in Singapore? There are certainly many unique birthday party themes for adults worth exploring - with dessert tables to complement the look.

3. Corporate Event

For many companies in Singapore, a corporate party is a great way to wrap up a productive month. However, with so many nitty-gritty details involved, planning for a corporate party can be an overwhelming task. Instead of putting things together from scratch, why not opt for a dessert table catering - leaving the planning, delivering as well as the set up of dessert tables in the good hands of the vendor? This way, you can focus on other aspects of your corporate event.

4. Wedding

The perfect dessert table can leave your guests in awe and complete the wedding of your dreams. As you’ll be working within a budget, be sure to check out the dessert table prices.

The Possibilities Are Endless With White Spatula

Preparing for an event with White Spatula - the pioneer dessert table provider for many events in Singapore - has never been easier. Whether you’re planning a kids birthday party, corporate party or beyond, expect a hassle-free dessert table setup, impeccable service and the best of everything. Get in touch with us for more information.