Customized Cakes & Desserts - Our Specialty!

Custom Cakes & Desserts in Singapore - Our Specialty!

Drool-worthy and aesthetically-pleasing customised cakes are all the rage these days. In Singapore, customised cakes have transcended beyond a mere passing trend. It has become a staple for every type of celebration - be it birthdays, anniversaries or simply a night of merrymaking.

Unlike any other off the shelf of a bakery, every customised cake has a story to tell and is baked for a purpose. It is not just a cake - it is an artistic creation that draws inspiration from your story, emotions and bonds, and then narrates them in a tangible, edible form.

If you are on the hunt for a reputable customised cake shop in Singapore, you have arrived at the right platform. At White Spatula, we specialise in customised birthday cakes for kids and adults of all ages. All customised cakes done by us are meticulously hand-crafted according to our customer's unique requirements - and that is what made them truly one-of-a-kind. Have everything from the colours to the flavours personalised to your likings. All you need is to share with us your requests and let our team in Singapore work the magic.

Looking to spice up your dessert table with more than just a cake? Custom made cake isn’t the only thing we have in store, so why not complete your order with our affordable customised desserts too? From cupcakes to macarons and more sweet treats, these indulgences are guaranteed to be the showstopper of the party.

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A Peek Into Our Customised Cake Portfolio

Here are some of our past creations for both kids and adults!


Princess Leia Cake




4D Cake                                                  Animals Cake