Kitty Cat Buttercream Cake


Kitty Cat Buttercream Cake
Meowwwww, this lovely cat needs a partner!  This cake is iced with a smooth and not-so-sweet vanilla buttercream.

4 simple steps to Order White Spatula's delicious and creative cakes?
Step 1: Fill up your party details (date/time)

Step 2: Choose the size of the cake based on the number of pax that you want to cater for

Step 3:  Fill up name and age on the cake (if any) 

Step 4: Choose the flavour of the cake: either Classic or Premium (surcharge applies)

Premium Flavour:  Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Mudslide, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Nutella, Blueberry Lemon, Earl Grey Lavender, Chocolate Peppermint

Add-on Balloons:

  • Unicorn Shape Pastel Giant Foil Balloons (33") (+$24.90 with helium)
  • unicorn balloonsUnicorn Shape Winged Giant Foil Balloons (34") (+$23.90 with helium)
  • unicorn balloon Unicorn Shape Rainbow Giant Foil Balloons (33") (+$24.90 with helium)
  • unicorn balloonUnicorn Love You Foil Balloons (17") (+$17.90 with helium)
  • Magical Unicorn Shape Giant Foil Balloons (38") (+$22.90 with helium)
  • Unicorn Shape Magical Sparkle Giant Balloons (33") (+$24.90 with helium)
  • Unicorn holographic 2 sides unique (18") (+$17.90 with helium)
  • Unicorn Happy Birthday Heart (18") (+$17.90 with helium)
  • Unicorn & Castle (18") (+$17.90 with helium)
  • Mighty Unicorn Shape (33") (+$24.90 with helium)
  • Emoji Unicorn (24") (+$18.90 with helium)
  •  Pink Love Unicorn (24") (+$18.90 with helium)


Cake Care
Cakes are packed in plain white cake box. Hold the cake upright and straight during transportation. Store in the fridge if possible. Bring to room temperature about 30 - 45 mins before consumption. Cake can be stored overnight in fridge if consuming the next day.

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