Surprise Gift Box of Snacks (FREE SHIPPING)

This is our primary and best seller gift box which brings you the best of variety  snacks in a box! And yes, its weight close to 2kg* of snacks in this box so you can imagine the range of snacks and chips inside the box. We will stuff it to the max while still protected with protective layers / stuffing to ensure your (fragile) snacks are in best conditions possible.

While life is not like a box of snacks, you still never know what you're gonna get every box. :) That's the best part of getting this gift box as we will send you different type of flavor of snacks for your enjoyment every single time  ;)  Now you know why this is the best sellers?

*Each box will weight between 1.5kg to 2kg and will varies from box to box, as it contain assorted snacks that are available at the time for packing.

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