Buy Cakes in Singapore - Perfect For Any Party

Every unforgettable party in history has cake. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or even a New Year’s celebration work party, you naturally gravitate towards the event’s centrepiece, which is none other than cake.

We bake cakes for every occasion, from party cakes designed to play with young kids’ imagination, to glamorous cakes for modern adults. 

Choose between single or double-tier cakes depending on the size of your party. Select among the best flavours for your buttercream cakes from classic Chocolate and Vanilla, to premium flavours with a unique twist.

Because cakes gather and convene people at a party together, it goes without saying that having the perfect cake, no matter how unique, is an essential must-have for every party. At White Spatula, no request is too big. We provide customisable cakes so everyone can share in the joy. So give us a call today if you have a custom design in mind, or even any special dietary cake requirements you need - from eggless, to organic, and gluten-free cakes.

Say Happy Birthday With A Special Cake Made in Singapore

The best birthdays are ones spent with loved ones. If you often dream of having a memorable day with your family and friends as you nosh over a splendid birthday cake, White Spatula is the bakery for you. 

It’s not easy to find artisanal cakes at affordable prices in Singapore. At the same time, any hint of personalisation would raise the prices even more. But it’s different here at White Spatula’s online store in Singapore. We offer reasonable prices for designer cakes and go the extra mile with thoughtful, beautiful packaging. Now, you can surprise your birthday person with exceptional pampering on their special day at a pocket-friendly price.

Go even bigger and better. Give your birthday cake an extra sweet bonus with add-on desserts. A more spectacular cake earns you extra credit with your loved one and is also very effective in capturing the envy of your party guests in Singapore.

Explore our full collection of birthday cakes in Singapore today!

Say Congratulations With Stylish Modern Cakes

Impress your corporate clients in Singapore or bring joy to your colleagues at work with a simple yet elegant corporate cake from White Spatula.

See Our Latest Creations

We always have new designs and inspirations because we love to get creative. Explore our latest cake creations on our online store in Singapore for a fantastic party right away.