5 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore For Girls

September 03, 2022

5 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore For Girls

Do you want to surprise the special girl in your life with a delicious cake on her birthday? Check out our list of best birthday cakes in Singapore.

5 Best Birthday Cakes in Singapore for Girls



Sending birthday wishes when the clock strikes 12, getting the perfect gift to bring a smile to your recipient’s face, and hosting an epic birthday party - these are a few of the many things that are typically done when celebrating the anniversary of one’s birth. And of all must-have things, having that special birthday cake take centrestage on the dessert table is a tradition that has never gone out of style. But what if you have a birthday party theme that caters specifically to that special girl in your life?


Whether it’s your mother, wife, sister, daughter, or girlfriend, a cake will surely make their birthday a special one. However, there is no denying that there are tons of options for you to choose from, making it a tad bit challenging to find the perfect cake that the birthday girl will love and guests will be impressed by.


That’s why to narrow everything down, we’ve come up with a list of the best birthday cakes in Singapore - pssst! you can find them all on White Spatula!


1. Customised Cakes


Are you looking for a cartoon-themed cake or unicorn cake in Singapore? Why not have it custom-made instead?


Drool-worthy and aesthetically pleasing customised cakes are extremely popular these days and it’s only right that we add them to the list of best birthday cakes. Handcrafted especially with the birthday girl in mind, these artistic creations draw inspiration from stories and emotions and narrate that in an edible form! From the flavour of the cake to the eventual design that will be brought to life with fondant, we will design a custom cake that caters to your interest - the possibilities are truly endless. Whatever your dream cake may be - wacky or dainty - White Spatula has all it takes to create them in a tangible way.


2. Pinata Surprise Cake



Looking for birthday cakes in Singapore that will surely add an element of surprise to any birthday party? We all know how fun cracking open a pinata can be. But what if we told you that there is a baked treat that combines the best of both the dessert world and the candy-filled pinata? Introducing White Spatula’s Pinata Surprise Cakes!


This cake can be customised into any design you can dream of for the birthday girl - from the Winter Wonderland Surprise Cake to Princess Pinata Cake, options are aplenty. Have the birthday girl knock on the round choco ball and let the surprises hidden within take their breath away. Trust us when we say that breaking the hard shell of the choco ball can leave a fun and satisfying feeling, especially when it reveals more of the cake’s delicious flavour.


Give the celebrant a lot more to look forward to with a Pinata Surprise Cake. Simply choose the size and flavour of the cake and we’ll have your birthday dessert delivered right to your doorstep.


3. Chocolate Cake


Who doesn’t love a yummy chocolate cake? It’s simple but it does the job of bringing a smile to any and everyone’s faces. Not to mention, chocolate in general helps lift the person’s mood, so you’re technically giving your loved one more endorphins to enjoy their birthday. For a little dramatic flair, opt for chocolate cakes like the Nutty Chocolate Buttercream Cake or the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake, both of which puts a unique twist on the classic flavour.


But that’s not all! At White Spatula, you can even customise your cake design to fit the theme of the birthday girl’s party. Be it the Korean Vintage Chandelier Cake or the Candy Machine Buttercream Cake, choose our most popular classic fudgy chocolate cake flavour or go premium with chocolatey cake bases like chocolate peppermint and chocolate nutella, amongst others.


4. Unicorn Buttercream Cake

The versatility of buttercream cakes has made them a crowd favourite among cake lovers. While it is indeed a sweet type of cake that can easily satisfy anyone with a single bite, the silky smooth and decadent buttercream is sure to be a unique birthday cake option. Though simple and classy, it packs a punch when it comes to flavours that make your taste buds tingle. Buttercream cakes can stand on their own with a simple vanilla cake base or be other cake flavours. To transform a simple buttercream cake into something extravagantly decorated, get a unicorn cake to convey the message of love and appreciation to the birthday girl. From unicorn cake designs like the Cara to the Leia, choose between a single layered cake or an over-the-top tiered cake that will be completed with buttercream and fondant decoration. This special birthday cake is sure to impress both the birthday girl and your guests!


5. Rainbow Cake


Show how much the birthday celebrant adds colour to your life by getting them a rainbow cake. Whether you want a fondant covered cake that reveals the colours of the rainbow when you cut into it or a cake that showcases all 7 colours on the outside, either way, it will definitely be the highlight of the day. The Little Horsey Rainbow Cake takes the classic rainbow up a notch with its smooth buttercream, rainbow meringues, and sprinkles. Just like our unicorn cake, choose a single or tiered cake and make the rainbow-themed party more spectacular for the birthday girl with add-ons like unicorn balloons.


Make Every Birthday Extra Special with White Spatula


If you’re looking for cakes online in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Here at White Spatula, we have a variety of cakes that are sure to fit the birthday party theme you’ve thought of for the special girl in your life. Make things more personal with customised cakes or choose from our pre-designed selection - either way, you’ll have a special birthday cake delivered to you.


But wait, what if you don’t have everything planned out yet? No problem! We know trendy birthday party themes for girls, so we can work with you during the planning process. Together with our customised party backdrop designs and the best online cake delivery services, it won’t take long to see the happiness in your loved one’s eyes on their special day.


Contact us for more information or order the best birthday cake for the best girl or woman in your life today!

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