Top 5 Birthday Table Decoration Ideas for Adults

November 22, 2023

Top 5 Birthday Table Decoration Ideas for Adults

You’ve thrown a birthday party before but felt it was ‘meh’. You want something that will make the party stand out, and get your guests talking about it for years afterwards. Why not consider a birthday dessert table? A well designed table with an array of dessert could act as an exciting conversation starter and help liven up your party.

You could come up with your own dessert table, or you could skip the whole hassle of baking and buying, and have us at White Spatula prepare a thrilling dessert table for you. But ultimately, the final themes and designs of your dessert table are yours to decide. To help you make a choice, here are five inspiring birthday table decoration ideas for adults.

What is a Dessert Table?

A dessert table consists of a variety of carefully crafted desserts, which you can choose. Each piece is arranged into an artful display, usually on a table or a tiered display area. A dessert table is a whimsical and edible decorative piece. You can help us customise the entire table from scratch, with your creativity and budget being the only limits. 

Tips for Designing a Dessert Table

First, figure out the desserts you wish to have on the table and get an overall theme in mind. Once you have these in place, you can begin styling and detailing the table, as well as deciding on how much sweets you want to serve. 

Consider these tips for your dessert table styling:

Heed All Design Aspects

Keep track of all the major and minor aspects of your chosen theme. From the colour scheme to the alignment and arrangement of your birthday decorations. Familiarise  yourself with the theme in detail so that you can seamlessly coordinate all aspects of the dessert table.

Stick to Basics

When in doubt, keep it simple! Unsure what kind of platform you wish to place your dessert spread on? Don’t shy away from  silver plates. When in doubt, tone down the decorations; you’ll be surprised. A minimalist design can still impress by virtue of its simple elegance. 

Use Everything Available

Be bold and use every trick in the book when coming up with the design for your dessert table. Have some lace lying around? Well, now it’s a sweet border lining for your dessert table. Be versatile, and even get help if you run out of ideas. Experiment with different textures and materials to achieve your desired effect.

Birthday Table Decoration Ideas

Once you understand how to go about designing a dessert table, it is time to start being inspired. Here are some themes and designs you could try out when setting your next birthday table:

1. Keep it Simple

Classic flavoured cakes covered in single-coloured frosting and topped simple decorations will always be a safe option to satisfy your birthday guests. That’s why they’re the perfect choice for your dessert table.

Use the simple approach for your birthday dessert table by selecting desserts that match a neutral theme with plain colours and soft features. Aim for details like soft flowers and minimal decorations on your sweets. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how simple looking desserts make for an impressive display once arranged together. 

2. Cute and Chic

A cute and chic design is sure to brighten any party with its cheerful and daring colours. Employ colours such as yellow, pink, red, teal and purple for a warm and sunny vibe.

Finish the bright look with balloons and intricate backdrops to further enhance your theme. The design is sure to stand out and if done with some flair, could serve as a great photo opportunity for your birthday guest.

3. Luscious Forest Look

Give your dessert table a rustic and homey feel, with the addition of green plants and flowers. Have them interspersed between the delectable desserts to get the perfect ethereal forest look.

Also, try to coordinate colours by customising the frosting on your desserts. Choose deep green colours or mature yellows to complement the woodland setting. For your centrepiece, try having a grand floral arrangement instead of a cake for a more distinctive look.

4. Festive Flavours

Ever tried celebrating two occasions at once? If your birthday coincides with a festive celebration, you could design your dessert table with this celebration in mind.

Get a festive cake as your centrepiece and colour code the backdrops to match the colour scheme of your chosen festival or holiday. For example, if you have a December birthday, design a Christmas-themed dessert table for your birthday party. Go all out with prop Christmas trees and maybe sneak in a mistletoe as a decoration between your delectable dessert plates.

Double the occasion and double the joy with a combined birthday party, thereby making your party one that’s relatable and appealing to all your guests.

5. Mini Desserts Galore

While cakes are usually the main attraction, there is no rule against having smaller titbits and finger desserts as the highlight of the birthday. The benefit of having tinier portions of cakes and other candies, is that everyone has a chance to sample a wider variety of treats.

So, if you have a liking for the smaller things in life, say yes to making small desserts the main attraction on your dessert table instead.

If you need ideas for your dessert options, browse through White Spatula’s collection of delectable desserts. You could also save on your budget by renting out our dessert stands for your party

Get a Birthday Table from White Spatula

Don’t fancy planning out and designing your very own dessert table? Leave it to us at White Spatula. Get in touch with our team and let us help bring your dream dessert table to life. Here are some of the design themes we offer.

  • Enchanted Forest
  • Unicorn
  • Princess
  • Prince
  • Rustic
  • Under the Sea
  • Banyard
  • Safari Animal

You could also get in touch with us if you have your own setup in mind. We will try our best to help realise your dream dessert table design!

Our Dessert Table Packages

Each of our basic dessert table packages will include a set quantity of cupcakes and macaroons. You will also be able to choose two other dessert types, so do check out our website to peruse the options available.

The size of our dessert table packages varies, with small packages for 10-15 pax, medium packages for 25-30 pax, big packages for 40-45 pax and our grand package for up to 75 pax.

For all our dessert table packages, we will plan out your table for you, be at the venue early to set it up and be there to collect it 3 hours later. Further extension for the time limits is allowed but must be confirmed beforehand, some additional charges will also apply.

There are also exclusive top-up options available to further spice up your dessert table. We recommend putting in an order at least 2 weeks in advance, to avoid last minute disappointments. Order confirmations will be sent out within 3 to 5 days after you’ve contacted us.


With these design ideas and tips, preparing for your birthday party has never been easier. And if you wish for an almost no effort birthday table set up, visit White Spatula, a pioneer dessert table provider for a multitude of events in Singapore.

Enjoy a hassle-free dessert table setup, impeccable service and the best desserts we have on offer. Get in touch with us for more information.

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