7 Korean Buttercream Cakes You Absolutely Need to Try

October 14, 2023

7 Korean Buttercream Cakes You Absolutely Need to Try

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Korean confectionery with our guide to the ultimate sweet treats. As the wave of K-pop and Korean entertainment sweeps across the globe, it brings along a culinary phenomenon that's impossible to ignore – Korean buttercream cakes. 

These delectable treats, renowned for their delicate flavours, have taken the world by storm. Whether you're a casual foodie or a dessert enthusiast, these sweet treats are an adventure for the palate that you simply cannot miss. Join us as we dive into the list of seven Korean buttercream cakes you absolutely need to try. Buckle up for a flavourful read as we take you along a creamy, dreamy journey into the world of Korean Buttercream desserts.

Korean Vintage Chandelier Buttercream Cake

BTS Korean Buttercream Cake

Korea Black Pink Buttercream Cake

Born Pink Buttercream Cake


Strawberry Lychee Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake

Panda Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake

Cooki Kpop Bunny Buttercream Cake

1. Korean Vintage Chandelier Buttercream Cake

Our Korean Vintage Chandelier Buttercream Cake offers a simple yet elegant design that’s sure to delight your eyes and taste buds. It features a classic and intricate design made with our signature buttercream frosting.

With sophisticated flourishes, the base and rim are handpiped to effect an air of elegance. The beautiful decorative chandelier serves as both a stunning centrepiece and candle holder. Combined, these elements transform this cake into the ideal tribute for a memorable birthday celebration.

Enjoy the best of both worlds by customising every element of this sweetened delight to match your preferences. Decorate it with a spectrum of vibrant colours (excluding gold, silver, and rose-gold). Additionally, you can modify the colour of the centrepiece to either gold, silver, or pink.

2. BTS Korean Buttercream Cake

Anyone with even a passing interest in K-pop would have heard of global sensation BTS. The group consists of seven members and is one of the most prominent K-pop boy bands in recent years. They have steadily grown in popularity, gaining an immense following of fans, known collectively as the BTS ARMY.

Get a taste of stardom with our BTS buttercream cake. The body of this baked bliss is carefully spray painted into a galaxy design with the group’s official colour of purple with some blue to match the colour scheme. In addition, it is topped with their iconic group logo, designed with a black fondant.

Our BTS cake can be customised with your own names and any messages, making it fit for a multitude of events. 

3. Korea BlackPink Buttercream Cake

Another popular K-pop group would be the all girl group Blackpink. Debuting under the powerhouse Korean entertainment company ‘YG’, the four member group is making waves internationally with sold-out world tours and multiple chart records. 

The Korea BlackPink Buttercream Cake, is an ode to the iconic group, featuring an edible printed image of all four members, on the cake. This sugary splendour also includes the group's logo with small fondant circles framing the rim. We have also included a cute bow at the base, providing the perfect finishing touch to this simple, yet elegant Blackpink-inspired masterpiece.

4. Born Pink Buttercream Cake

Looking for a different Blackpink-inspired design? Consider the Born Pink Buttercream Cake. Made in conjunction with their “Born Pink” world tour, this culinary treat features a light pink outer fondant gracefully complemented by a chocolate glaze poured over the top, creating an enticing drip-down effect. There is also a smattering of various edible glitter at the top and base, further enhancing its allure.

To top it all off, there are fondant stars matching the Blackpink colours attached as toppers. These are accompanied by a large printed Blackpink official logo, made so that it can be brought home as a souvenir to add to your personal collection.

5. Strawberry Lychee Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake

Try out the clever flavour combination of strawberry and lychee with the Strawberry Lychee Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake. This frosted wonder has a simple design, the body of which is covered with an elegant white base.

Fresh strawberries are artfully arranged on top of a strawberry glaze, with versatile hues to match any event you wish to celebrate.

6. Panda Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake

Looking for an adorable gastronomic gem you could almost be tempted to cuddle up with? The Panda Korean Lettering / Minimalist Buttercream Cake is an irresistible option.

With a white base and carefully cut fondant on top of it, a panda look alike is formed. It is perfect for any animal lover or parties for kids.

You can also add a Korean twist with our Korean lettering customisation options. 

7. Cooki Kpop Bunny Buttercream Cake

For every BTS aficionado, the Cooki Kpop Bunny Buttercream Cake is a delight. Meticulously crafted, this frothy fantasy mirrors the iconic BTS line character designs, making it the perfect surprise for any ardent fan. With its with comical expressions, and oversized fondant ears, it will be sure to delight any BTS ARMY fans

This velvety treat is covered in a subtly sweet buttercream frosting and has tiny balls of cake covered in fondant to mimic the bunny’s paws.

Better yet, you can customise what the bunny is holding, choosing from a letter to any of our available toppers. Contact us for more info on customisations. 

Seoulful Sweetness

Regardless of which Korean Buttercream cake in this list has caught your fancy, you can be assured that your choice is the right one.

Order for self-collect or delivery at our online store. Alternatively, contact us at +65 9666 7033 or 9880 0222 (urgent cases) to request and discuss customisation options.

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