Epic Dinosaur Cake Designs Your Kid Will Love

November 10, 2023

Epic Dinosaur Cake Designs Your Kid Will Love

Planning an occasion for your little one and looking to spice it up? Consider having a theme for the occasion. With themes, you can provide different props and details to make your occasion an awe-inspiring one for any guest. Your special theme will help hype up anticipation for your party, but more importantly, create lasting memories for your loved ones in the years to come.

A good theme to try out would be dinosaurs. Allow your kid to have a truly memorable experience by combining science, history and animals with a twist!

If they are already dinosaur fans, then delight them with pictures and figurines of their favourite prehistoric creature. If they are not, a dinosaur theme can be an interesting way to introduce them to unfamiliar but cool looking creatures. 

If you’re planning a dinosaur-themed party, check out these epic dinosaur cake designs.

Baby Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Need a cake just as cute as your little one? Our Baby Dinosaur Buttercream Cake might just be the one for you.

This Instagrammable cake is coloured with a refreshing light-blue and decorated with fondant leaves and flags for a dinosaur-themed party! Charm your guests with a smidgen of coloured sprinkles on top accompanied by a three-dimensional boy in a dino hoodie surrounded by friendly dinosaur companions.

Choose from design A with a cute yellow hoodie figurine; or design B with a fresh green hoodie for the figurine instead. Do note that each design is subject to availability.

Green Dinosaur Pinata Surprise Cake

It’s a Dinosaur, it’s a ball, and it cracks open with treats for all. 

With the Green Dinosaur Pinata Surprise Cake, you can crack open the green dinosaur ball for a flavour filled fantasy.

Choose from an option of just the chocolate ganache ball or have it on top of an 8 inch cake. With our 2-tier cake option, indulge in our healthier choice buttercream cake that’s less sweet along with an amazing chocolate dinosaur pinata ball, surrounded by cute dinosaur toys to keep as mementos. All this in one handy package!

Girls Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Contrary to its name the ‘Girls Dinosaur Buttercream Cake’, isn’t just for the girls. While the design leans towards a colour associated with femininity, it can be just as suitable for anyone who loves pastel and pink.

The cake has a soothing light pink exterior adorned with the cutest combination of butterflies, balloons and popsicles. And that’s not all, charm your guests with a magical sizzle of colourful sprinkles along with a dazzling golden base and candle(s). There are also cutouts of various cute dinosaurs which can be used to entertain your kid.

If you have a child that likes sparkling, colourful items and cute cutouts of dinosaurs, then prepare to brighten their special day with this wonderful cake.

New Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Excite your child with a birthday adventure, featuring dinosaurs and their very own miniature jungle! Set in a prehistoric era where these magnificent reptiles roam, the New Dinosaur Buttercream Cake mimics a lush tropical mountain made possible with a specially textured fondant. Additionally, have a ball with your child with the tree and dinosaur cake toppers.

Aidens Baby Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Is your kid a dinosaur lover? The Aidens Baby Dinosaur Buttercream Cake features friendly dinosaurs that are ready to get this party started. What’s more, keep these fun dinosaur figurines as cherished companions once the celebration is over. Enjoy up to 5 collectable dinosaur figurines with the Aidens Baby Dinosaur Buttercream Cake.

Choose from various cake sizes including 6 inches (for 6-8 pax) or 8 inches (for 10-14 pax). You can even choose to extend the cake into a double tiered cake with the choice of a 6+8 inch 2 tier (for 10-14 pax) or an 8 +10 inch 2 tier (for 30-40 pax).

Pull-apart Dinosaur Cupcake Cake

Looking for something dino-themed and special? Impress your guests with the Pull-apart Dinosaur Cupcake Cake. The cake stands out for its interactive design, allowing kids to pull out their own portion for a yummy treat. 

The cake consists of your choice of 9, 16 or 25 cupcakes, arranged into a square formation and iced over with our signature buttercream. The layer of icing is then decorated with dinosaurs made with our signature buttercream. 

Each dinosaur varies in their colours and is decorated with googly eyes and birthday hats. To top off, add a custom name and message to make this cake extra special.

With the birthday song sung, candles blown and wishes made, now it’s time for the fun part! Lick your lips as you and your guests pull apart this specially designed cake to indulge in the hidden treasure (cupcakes) underneath. Watch as your wonderfully designed cake transforms into personal tid-bits with an activity that’s fun for the whole family.

Additionally, each cupcake’s flavour can be customised. Choose from classic flavours like chocolate or vanilla. Feeling adventurous? Go wild by opting for a mix of two flavours, adding the element of surprise as to which cupcake one would get. Now, that’s what we call a celebration!

Happy Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Bring your dino party to life with the Happy Dinosaur Buttercream Cake. With a pure white base featuring a plethora of brightly coloured fondant dots and cake toppers; the cake has all the ingredients needed to bring colour and joy to your party.

Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

The Dinosaur Buttercream Cake reimagines dinosaurs and the prehistoric era in a new and fun way. Let your child explore what it was like to live in the forest with nothing but basic weapons and tools; teach them a little about climate, the land and the weather. Make their birthday a fun learning opportunity too!

Cheeky Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Give fun a whole new meaning with the Cheeky Dinosaur Buttercream Cake. The white cake is decorated with various coloured buttercream icing and topped with a cute miniature tyrannosaurus rex.

And if you want a little something extra, you can always include a fun candle with your kid’s birthday age on it.

Roaring Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

A bird chirps, a horse neighs and a dinosaur roars! With the Roaring Dinosaur Buttercream Cake, taste, sight, hearing (from the sheer wonder at the majesty) are treated to a symphony of delights. Feast your eyes on this beautifully crafted cake, feel the smooth handle of the plastic knife as you make the first cut, listen to the laughter and singing that fills the room, inhale the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cake, and finally, savour every bite of your bespoke White Spatula cake.

New Cutie Dinosaur Cake


The New Cutie Dinosaur Cake comes in not one, not two but three different designs! Each design comes with its own unique dinosaur figurine based on what your child might prefer, whether it be the cheeky-looking dinosaur or the cute funky one. You can also acquire all three to get the full dinosaur collection.

Foresty Cutie Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Explore ancient forest sights with the Foresty Cutie Dinosaur Buttercream Cake. With fondant leaves and a cookie crumble topping, it’s almost as if you’re discovering new places in which the dinosaurs lived. Give your kid a taste of ancient historical sight with this cute interpretation of dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

Red Dinosaur Buttercream Cake

Stand out, be big and bold. Your kid deserves nothing less than to be the centre of attention at their birthday party. Achieve this with the Red Dinosaur Buttercream Cake. With the bright and bold red dinosaur serving as the cake toppers and the highlight, the cake is sure to steal everyone's attention as your kid blows out the candles to make a birthday wish.

Land Before Time Dinosaur Buttercream Cake


Drawing inspiration from the beloved series The Land Before Time, embark on a prehistoric adventure with Littlefoot and his companions. Transform your party into a journey 65 million years back in time, featuring decorations inspired by the iconic characters of the Land Before Time series. Why not go a step further and organise a projector for a nostalgic watch party? Relish in the magic of this timeless tale with our Land Before Time Dinosaur Buttercream Cake as the centrepiece of your celebration

Enjoy a Dinosaur-Themed Occasion

And there you have it, a curated list of cakes to try the next time you are planning a dinosaur-themed celebration for your kid. Each cake can be customised with a name and your choice of flavour. Should you prefer, your customised cakes will be delivered to your home after 3 days at a time of your choice.

For our other delicious dessert offerings, check out our online store. To see our special dessert customisations, browse through our previous works on our social media page.

Get your kids to roar in excitement, with our dinosaur cake offerings, available exclusively at White Spatula.

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