A Starter's Guide to Custom Birthday Cakes for Kids

November 22, 2023

A Starter's Guide to Custom Birthday Cakes for Kids

Children love cakes. What they love even more is a customised birthday cake featuring their favourite characters and themes. As a parent, it’s natural to want to offer your child the best birthday cake ever to celebrate their special day; you would want to pull out all the stops. 

A custom birthday cake will make your party stand out in more ways than one. But mainly, your child will take pride in the fact that they have birthday cake no one has had before or since. 

To help you realise their dream birthday, we’ve prepared a starters guide on custom birthday cakes for kids, covering aspects like ordering, design as well as options to consider.

Picking The Perfect Custom Cake Design

1. Think About Your Kid’s Preferences

What cartoon does your child like? What hobbies do they enjoy? Are they fans of any popular stars? These are some of the things that can inspire your custom cake design. Bakeries, such as White Spatula, offer a variety of child-friendly themes, featuring popular figures and characters. Watch as they light up in joy as you present a birthday cake decorated with their interest.

2. Get A Cake that Can Be Matched to a Party Theme

Ensure that whatever character or theme you choose, every aspect of your party can be planned to match the cake. Getting a cake with a practical theme is therefore preferable to one that is challenging to carry out. For instance, an ice skating theme may be more difficult to have in Singapore, as compared to a tropical island one. 

3. Leverage Current Trends

Take some time to research popular cake designs. You can scroll through social media to get an idea of what cakes will interest kids around your child’s age. Also, try sneaking some questions to their closest friend to confirm where their current interests lie.

4. Budget Wisely

Custom cakes can differ in their complexity and price. It is important to set a budget and communicate it to your chosen cake shop so you can get a custom cake that is both beautiful and affordable.

5. Match Your Design with an Appropriate Flavour

Colour schemes can be important as you cut into a cake. Opposing colours for the outer and inner parts of the cake could end up with a less appealing look. So, make sure to understand the aesthetics of your custom cake both inside and out to ensure that your custom birthday cake appears presentable.

6. Add Personal Details

Consider getting personal details added to your custom cake such as your kid's name and age to give it that extra, loving touch. If your chosen design requires the entire face of the cake, then get a custom-made birthday cake topper made instead to stick on top of your cake.

7. Get A Second Opinion

Before finalising your cake design, get a second opinion from a friend or family member. A fresh pair of eyes could help give a new opinion on the design and might help illuminate any details you might have failed to consider.

Designs to Consider for Your Customised Cake

White Spatula has an extensive catalogue of specialised custom cakes that serve as beautiful centrepieces for any occasion. Our team is dedicated to using the freshest ingredients to create treats that will delight your party guests.

Here are some popular White Spatula cakes that will get your creative juices flowing:

Lego Buttercream Cake

The Lego Buttercream Cake is not made out of real Lego blocks; Every decorative block is a carefully crafted mini cake covered in fondant and shaped into a decadent imitation of an actual Lego block. Don’t be surprised if any of your young party guests grabs a piece and starts playing with it!

You will also be able to further customise this cake with a Lego fondant letter that can either be your kid’s initials or their age.

The cake is quite a unique piece, combining a well-loved hobby and the delicious, softness of White Spatula’s iconic buttercream cake.

Fire Engine Buttercream Cake

The Fire Engine Buttercream Cake is the best of both worlds. It has a cute firefighter themed design and a bright red toy fire truck as a cake topper. A delicious treat and a fun birthday souvenir all in one!

So, if your kid looks up to a firefighter or uniformed public servant as heroes, this cake is sure to delight them.

Frozen Castle Buttercream Cake

For kids with princess aspirations, the Frozen Castle Buttercream Cake will take them on a fantastical fairytale journey. This cake combines three tiers of cakes to form a towering castle. There are also little minarets made of cake on each side to complete the Disney-esque theme of this cake.

Get them dreaming of otherworldly fables with this castle-lookalike cake, featuring sister princesses from everyone’s beloved snowy fairytale.


At White Spatula, all our cakes will come with our reduced sugar buttercream frosting. As for cake flavours, pick from our classic flavour option of Fudgy Chocolate or Vanilla Bean. We also offer other flavour options at a small additional cost. They include:

  • Oreo
  • Red Velvet
  • Salted Caramel Mudslide
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Chocolate Nutella
  • Blueberry Lemon
  • Earl Grey Lavender
  • Chocolate Peppermint

Each custom flavour may be limited according to your chosen designs, so do check with us on the availability of custom flavour before you make your order.

The Perfect Cake Size

The number of guests you have will determine the size of your cake. A cake for a party of 20 guests will be significantly smaller than a cake for 100 guests. Most cakes in White Spatula are available in one of our four size options.

The options include a 6-inch (for 6-8 pax), an 8-inch (for 10-14 pax), an 8-inch 2-tier (for 22-26 pax) and a 10-inch 2-tier (for 30-40 pax). Choose the right appropriate size for the number of guests or go bigger if you have a fondness for cake and would like to have extras.

Final Thoughts

With uniformity in many aspects of our modern lives, at times a simple personalised item can mean a lot. Let your child feel cherished and loved with their very own customised cake. We hope this guide will help you understand the intricacies of the whole process so you are well-equipped when you start your journey to finding the best customised birthday cake for your kid.

White Spatula is a premier cake shop, suited to meet all your custom cakes needs in Singapore. Contact us today and get your custom cake delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere on the island.

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