5 Epic 21st Birthday Cake Ideas

May 24, 2023

5 Epic 21st Birthday Cake Ideas

As you embark on the journey to adulthood, turning 21 marks an exciting new chapter in your life. It's a milestone deserving of celebration, an acknowledgement of the rights and opportunities that now lie before you. And what better way to commemorate this moment than with a delicious and unique cake?

Whether you're planning a simple celebration at home or a lavish party in a grand venue, a cake is the cherry on top of your 21st birthday. At White Spatula, one of Singapore's premier bakeries, we specialise in crafting artisanal cakes at affordable prices. Celebrate the joy of turning 21 with a customised cake that's as special as you are!

Here are five epic 21st birthday cake ideas to inspire you:

1. Ombre Swirls Buttercream Cake

For those who prefer a less sweet but visually striking cake, consider the
Ombre Swirls Buttercream Cake. This delightfully frosted treat features a gradient of patterned swirls in a colour of your choice, from top to bottom, creating a visually enticing spectacle.

2. Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Infuse your cake with the subtle flavours of tea and floral notes with our
Earl Grey Lavender Cake. This delightfully aromatic cake is topped with lavender-perfumed rosettes, adding an irresistibly tasty bite. There's also room for a personalised message in the centre of the rosettes, allowing you to add a special touch.

3. Special Loaded Drip Cake

Special Loaded Drip Cake is a one-of-a-kind creation that's sure to impress. Choose from popular fudgy chocolate, classic vanilla bean, or other premium flavours, all perfectly complemented by a savoury chocolate drip. And the icing on the cake? It's loaded with your favourite treats like macarons, meringue, and chocolate!

4. Choc & Berries Drip Cake

For chocolate lovers, the
Choc & Berries Drip Cake is a dream come true. Featuring layers of fudgy chocolate frosted with smooth vanilla cream and covered with a decadent chocolate drip design, this cake is truly indulgent. Topped with fresh, seasonal berries like strawberries and blueberries, it adds a refreshing tartness to balance the sweetness.

5. Strawberry Choc Monogram Buttercream Cake

Make a statement with the
Strawberry Choc Monogram Buttercream Cake. This unique cake, in the shape of your age, offers a wide range of flavours, from classic chocolate and vanilla to premium options like Oreo, Red Velvet, and Strawberries & Cream.

Make Your 21st Birthday Memorable with White Spatula

Celebrate your 21st birthday in style with White Spatula. Our bespoke cakes are designed to make your day memorable. Make use of our various customization features to make your 21st birthday cake unique to you. Make your 21st birthday truly special with a perfectly made cake from White Spatula.

Our cakes also come in three different sizes, namely 6 inches (serves 6 - 8 people), 8 inches (for 10 - 14 people) and 10 inches (for 22 to 26 people). This way, you can ensure that everyone at your party gets a slice. Additionally, we also carry a variety of specialty desserts if you want to add more treats to your birthday platter.

Explore our wide range of flavours and customisable options by visiting our page here.

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