Bakers Guide: Best Types of Cookies Everyone Should Try

May 16, 2023

Bakers Guide: Best Types of Cookies Everyone Should Try

Looking for scrumptious party treats? Mouth-watering cookies are perhaps one of the best options to consider if you’re planning a get-together or an office party. These savoury baked delights are almost always a crowd favourite.

Cookies are delicious, and you can spice them up both in terms of flavour and aesthetics for a delicious, insta-worthy treat! 

Here are the best types of cookies everyone should try:

1. Icing CookIcing Cookie

One of the most popular cookies you can try is the icing cookie, which is made using egg whites or meringue powder. This makes the classic butter sugar icing look perfect for that gathering or birthday party.

Our bakers are always whipping up interesting cookie designs, with the onesie cookie being one of the most popular picks. The design of this cookie comes in a variety of colours with cute pearls and hearts on top that come in a box of 24 pieces in each order, perfect for hosting that weekend gathering!

2. Fondant Cookies

Fondant Cookies

If you are looking for a classic sugar butter cookie, handcrafted fondant cookies are the way to go. These are almost comparable to doughnut toppings thanks to the thick layer of fondant. These are great on a dessert table and can also be a  beautiful door gift whether it’s for corporate events or a weekend gathering.

Fondant is a great choice for designing cookies as it can hold a shape better than other forms of icing. This cookie comes in many kinds of customised colours and shapes to fit any theme with 20 pieces per box which is great for a small party, or for bigger events, multiple boxes would do the trick.

3. Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn Cookies

Introduce a fairytale vibe to your party with these absolutely gorgeous unicorn cookies! Thanks to its pastel colours and gorgeous design, these cookies feel almost too beautiful to eat.

Be sure to check out our Unicorn Cake or Unicorn Cake Pops to go along with these cookies for an all-out unicorn birthday theme. These sweet treats are definitely worth a try if you’re into fantasy or anything cute really!

 4. Cookie Pops

Cookie Pops

Who says cookies and lollipops don’t go together? Get the best of both worlds with these amazing cookie pops as we bring you a blend of crunchy and savoury bites in a stick. Dip it into more chocolate or eat it wherever you go for a fun flavoursome experience.

Cookie pops are perfect for quick giveaways at children’s parties. At White Spatula, these cookie pops can always be customised to match the theme of your party whether it’s  Halloween, Christmas or perhaps a Valentine’s Day treat! Order a box of 20 pieces, and consider complementing these delicious treats with our Marshmallow Pops, Cake Pops, Chocolate-dipped Pretzel Sticks, Push Cakes and more!

Enjoy the Best Cookie Delights with White Spatula

Cookies are always a toothsome treat that you can enjoy. Perhaps you’re into other desserts? You can always try some of our party favourites such as Meringue Kisses, French Macarons, Chocolate Truffles, Fruit Tarts and more.

White Spatula offers some of the most aesthetic IG-worthy cookies in Singapore that will make your event even more memorable! Contact us for custom designs today. 

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