Employee Birthday Party Ideas while Social Distancing

December 30, 2020

Employee Birthday Party Ideas while Social Distancing

It has been a while since Singapore has moved into Phase 2. Though several restrictions have been eased and more people are returning to work, there are still rules and regulations to abide by. Recent news has stated that Phase 3 is unlikely by the end of 2020 due to hurdles to meet goals set by the government in Singapore. With that in mind, we are sure companies are scurrying to finding ways to adapt to the current situation and make necessary adjustments to ensure employees practice safe social distancing as per government recommendations.

But here’s a food for thought. Are we supposed to put every social workplace gathering on pause simply because of these restrictions? Well, WhiteSpatula is here to tell you that parties are still possible! Virtually, of course.

Employee Appreciation & Virtual Parties

Did you know that employee appreciation and recognition is actually a thing? Employee, friend, or family, whoever it is, we all know birthdays are always a BIG DEAL. As a colleague or a business owner, you’d want everyone at your workplace to feel cared for and know that all their work and effort is appreciated, right? 

With the pandemic dampening the moods of many, why not throw an epic virtual birthday party for one of your colleagues and, in turn, cheer everyone up? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! So, how exactly do you throw a virtual birthday party? Fret not – we’ve got you covered. 

1. Get the Party Going on Zoom

With social distancing measures in place, hosting a large-scale party might not be feasible. But that does not mean that you and your co-workers have to settle for a simple celebratory song and call it a day. As a matter of fact, you can go all out like you would have if not for the pandemic. And when we say, “all-out”, we’re including the most pivotal element – decorations! 

If your company is following an alternating work arrangement, you can have those in the office deck the space out. From customised party backdrops and prints to balloon decorative packages, decorations are a sure-fire way to amp your colleagues up. For those who will be joining through video conference calls, have them join in the fun while at home with lively virtual backgrounds that complement the theme in your office. 

2. Cake Delivery to Your Doorstep in Singapore

No birthday is complete without cakes. Say goodbye to virtual birthday cakes sent through an e-card and deliver a personalised cake instead. With bakeries and online cake stores in Singapore, like the WhiteSpatula offering cake delivery services islandwide, getting your hands on customised cakes, cupcakes, and even corporate-inspired dessert table catering is made easy with a click of a button. To add to that, you’ll be supporting local businesses during these challenging times by ordering their desserts!

3. Go Crazy & Have Fun

Sure, when it comes to a corporate event, the sugar rush from all the cakes and desserts will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and have them celebrating like no other. But when one thinks of a PARTY, fun comes to mind. What better way to bring in the fun than by having an external vendor host the entire event? Several vendors in Singapore specialise in hosting one-of-a-kind bonding activities – both in-house and online! From virtual escape rooms to trivia nights, such activities are a great way to work on team building while guaranteeing birthday bliss. 

Anything is Virtually Possible with WhiteSpatula  

Planning a birthday party can be pressurising. And as a co-worker or a general manager, you might feel pressured to deliver, especially with the current pandemic. However, taking the time out to host a party for your colleagues and show how much you care not only plays a part in maintaining company culture but also retaining your talented workforce. Need help with sweetening up the occasion? WhiteSpatula offers corporate dessert table catering and more! Get in touch with us today.

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