Simple Wedding Cake Designs to Consider for Your Nuptials

April 28, 2023

Simple Wedding Cake Designs to Consider for Your Nuptials

Having some trouble picking the perfect wedding cake for your special day? Fret not! There’s no need to worry about getting the dream wedding cake you have been looking for. Of course, you’ll want to start off a new phase of your lives with a special cake that’s truly memorable but what if you’re looking for something minimalistic or simple? 

While some wedding cake designs can be quite complicated, here are our top simple wedding cake designs to consider for your nuptials:

1. Contemporary Wedding Cake

Contemporary Wedding Cake

This modern design of wedding cake gets people drooling with its simple frosted design and smooth texture of less sweet but healthier buttercream. The contemporary wedding cake has a timeless design thanks to its rustic vibe, adding to the charming ambience of your wedding ballroom.

The tall size (4 inches + 6 inches) is good for 14 to 18 people, while the second size can serve up to 30 to 40 people with a combination of 6 and 8-inch cakes. Yes, you can eat the whole cake! If you want a bigger cake, then the 2-tier 8+10 inch cake is a good pick that can be good for 40 to 50 people.

On top of that, you can get a discount if you include scrumptious add-ons for your wedding cake such as French Macarons, Meringue Kisses and Marshmallow Pops.

2. Fresh Flower Cake

Fresh Flower Cake

Flowers are a key part of every wedding. The Fresh Flower Cake complements your wedding venue perfectly with edible flowers, on the side. The cake comes in various flavours, such as fudgy chocolate and vanilla bean. You can also consider trying our premium flavours like cookies & cream, red velvet, salted caramel mudslide, strawberries & cream, chocolate Nutella, blueberry lemon, earl grey lavender, and chocolate peppermint.

You can personalise this ornamental cake design with more flowers and other options, or order it as it is via this link.

3. Royal Turquoise Butterfly Flower Cake

Royal Turquoise Butterfly Flower Cake

Unsure if you’d like to go for a cliche colour such as white? Another simple floral wedding cake to consider would be the Royal Turquoise Butterfly Flower Cake This cake, in a beautiful shade of blue would be perfect for themed weddings, such as a garden or ocean theme. 

This gorgeous cake boasts a majestic look thanks to its impressive design. The radiant pearls add a mystical vibe making this cake insta-worthy whether it’s a standalone cake or part of a wedding dessert table package.

Get Your Dream Wedding Cake at White Spatula

Complete your big day by getting your dream wedding cake! White Spatula takes pride in helping couples celebrate a new chapter in their lives. Check out some clever and elegant wedding cake designs here.

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