Top 4 Must-Try Birthday Cake Designs for Children

March 27, 2023

Top 4 Must-Try Birthday Cake Designs for Children

Thinking of ways to make your child’s birthday celebration extra special? A cake with their beloved cartoon character, toy or theme can make your child’s day, especially if the cake comes in their favourite flavour. If you’re having trouble looking for the perfect birthday cake for your child, worry not! You’ve come to the right place. 

For more than half a decade, White Spatula has come up with countless beautifully designed cakes to make every kid’s birthday special. With a wide array of options to choose from, not only can you find Insta-worthy cakes that can make your kid’s birthday memorable, you can take your celebration to the next level by ordering a customised cake or complete your party with a dessert table

Here are 4 must-try birthday cake designs for children:

1. Wizardly Buttercream Cake

Wizardly Buttercream Cake


Get your child’s inner wizard on display with the Wizardly Buttercream Cake! If your kid is a fan of the Harry Potter series, then this magic-themed cake is a great choice. Get the sorting hat on for your loved ones as they celebrate a year older with a magical yet healthier cake that is iced with smooth and moderately sweet vanilla buttercream.

This cake comes with various extra designs, such as an owl, a magic wand, eyeglasses and even the Golden Snitch. You can try this design in various sizes, with the standard being 6 inches and is good for 8 people. You can also try the 8-inch version for 14 people or the combined double layer of the first two variants for 26 people.

2. Construction Buttercream Cake

Construction Buttercream Cake

Introducing the Construction Buttercream Cake, another perfect cake for a child's birthday party! This whimsical cake features an array of toy-sized dozers, cranes, trucks, and traffic cones that are sure to delight and captivate children of all ages.

Not only is the Construction Buttercream Cake visually appealing, but it is also available in a range of delicious flavours that kids will love! Choose from classic flavours like vanilla or chocolate, or try something more adventurous like Oreo, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Mudslide, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Nutella, and more.

Make your child's birthday celebration extra special with the Construction Buttercream Cake - a fun and delicious treat that will bring smiles to everyone's faces!

3. Small Prince Buttercream Cake

Small Prince Buttercream Cake

If you are looking to get a simple design for your child’s birthday cake, then the Small Prince Buttercream Cake fits the bill! Inspired by the beloved tale of the ‘Little Prince’, it features an adorable small prince perched on top of the cake. This cake is made with a swirl in ombre tones with the top layer filled with white vanilla icing.

For an extra touch of delight, you can opt to add scrumptious French Macarons, Meringue Kisses and Marshmallow Pops to your order. Fondant letters and numbers are included automatically, so you can get this cake as is or customise it to your liking.

4. Safari Animal Buttercream Cake

Safari Animal Buttercream Cake

If your child is captivated by the wonder of animals, then the Safari Animal Buttercream Cake is the perfect choice for their next celebration!

This cake features a menagerie of animals from elephants to zebras in an artful ensemble that is sure to spark your child’s imagination and delight their taste buds.

This cake has various sizes, starting with the 6-inch cake that is good for 6-8 people. The 8-inch cake can serve up to 10-14 people. There are also two extended sizes for this cake which can be good for 22 to 26 people or one that can serve up to 40 people.

You can order the Safari Animal Buttercream in various sizes: 6 inches for 6 - 8 people, 8 inches for 10 - 14 people and 10 inches for 22 to 26.

Make Birthdays Special with a Lovely Cake

Most children would love to get a piece of that satisfying cake served on their big day. Picking a theme that they like is a great way to make a birthday truly memorable. 

White Spatula offers some of the best cake designs in Singapore that boast a unique and creative look for children’s parties. Check out other unique cake designs by clicking here.

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