4 Reasons Why People Love Wedding Dessert Tables in Singapore

September 03, 2022

4 Reasons Why People Love Wedding Dessert Tables in Singapore

Are you still contemplating whether or not to get a wedding dessert table set up? No worries, we give you 4 reasons to solidify your decision to get one

4 Reasons You Should Get a Wedding Dessert Table

A wedding is definitely a momentous occasion. We know how much it means to you and your partner that everything is perfect on your big day. From the venue to the actual event, everything has to be just right to make the entire event go smoothly and be memorable. And when it comes to the guests, there is one thing that has to hit the mark - the food that will be served to them. Once you have the appetisers and the main course all decided and ordered, you must now be pondering on whether to get a dessert table or not.


While some couples might see it as an extra expense that is not necessary, our question for you is ‘why not?’ You can always set a practical budget for your dessert table to at least showcase your beautiful wedding cake. Not enough to convince you? Here are 4 more reasons why you should get a dessert table set up for your big day.


1. A Beautiful Extension to Your Wedding Decor


The dessert table can be a great extension of your wedding decor by showcasing your wedding cake and door gifts for your guests. It doesn’t have to be grand and intricate, of course. If you’re concerned about the price of the dessert table bursting your wedding budget, you can always opt for a simple dessert table set up that seamlessly matches the colour scheme of your wedding and let your wedding cake and pastries shine. By focusing on minor details like the colour scheme and additional add-ons like the signage, you can rest assured that it will still complement the whole decor of your wedding reception. But that’s not all! With the increasing popularity of having a dessert table at weddings, there are affordable dessert table packages in Singapore that you can easily order online to leave your guests in awe.


2. Avoid Cluttering the Buffet Table


Imagine this: the appetisers, main course, and desserts are all at one table. Everything else in the wedding venue looks beautiful in its place. However, your buffet table looks too cluttered.


Having a separate dessert table for your wedding cakes and giveaway treats nips this issue in the bud. With a dessert table, you can prevent accidents such as the cake tipping over or even having the specialty desserts be ruined by the crumbs of the main course even before you get a chance to take pictures with it.


3. Lessens the Traffic Around the Buffet Table


Unless your 8-course meal is being served to your guests, once it’s time to eat, guests are sure to hurry to the buffet table to grab a bite. This means that traffic will be heavy around the main course section. And we all know that desserts tend to be placed last on a buffet table. However, when you put the desserts in a separate area, it gives your dessert-loving guests the chance to head to a separate area to get their sweet tooth satisfied with ease. This would indirectly also ensure a smooth flow of traffic and ensure that your guests remain happy and satisfied with their meals.


4. Great for Photos


A beautiful wedding dessert table will be a great backdrop for any wedding photos. When it’s time for cake cutting with you and your spouse, having a well-decorated dessert table would look beautiful in your wedding pictures - and that’s something no couple would want to miss out on. It can also be a great place to take photos with your family and friends celebrating this momentous occasion with you.


Helping You Get the Wedding of Your Dreams


You deserve nothing but the best on your wedding day. That’s why if you need a dessert table along with a beautiful and delicious wedding cake, you can trust us at White Spatula. Not only can we design a dessert table made for a picture-perfect wedding, but we can also accommodate your customised cake ideas. If you would like to up the ante and throw in a few more decorative elements, look no further than our customisable backdrop designs and balloon packages. The ultimate one-stop shop, White Spatula has all your wedding and dessert table needs covered. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.


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