8 Best Customised Cupcakes Singapore

August 01, 2023

8 Best Customised Cupcakes Singapore

As the saying goes, ‘a cupcake a day keeps the blues away’. Here at White Spatula, we specialise in conjuring those gourmet bundles of miracles fit for any occasion, whether it’s for family-bonding or a seasonal celebration.

To help you pick the ideal box of cupcakes, we’ve curated a list of the 8 best customised cupcakes in Singapore:

Stay Home DIY Box Set

While the days for quarantine are behind us, there's still great value in engaging in fun stay-at-home activities with the family. Keeping this in perspective, we're thrilled to introduce our Stay Home DIY Box Sets. Each set includes six cupcakes made with lightly sweetened buttercream, and a variety of decorations aligned with their respective DIY themes.

Stay Home DIY Box Set: Safari Theme

The Stay Home DIY Box Set: Safari Theme offers an affordable and fun activity for families to engage in. This set comes with safari toppers, colourful sprinkles, and lightly sweetened buttercream.

The box set is perfect for kids that have taken a liking to wildlife, stimulating them to unleash their creativity with their favourite animals.

Stay Home DIY Box Set: Under the Sea / Mermaid

Perfect for new and longtime admirers of the little mermaid franchise, the Stay Home DIY Box Set: Under the Sea / Mermaid offers delightful enjoyment. The 6-piece cupcake set promises a world of fun for the whole family, boasting a diverse range of toppers from fishtails to sea shells. Pair each topper with our iconic lightly sweetened buttercream icing.

Learn to design cupcakes in colours that suit the ocean. Enjoy an underwater experience right in the comfort of your home and have a nice family bonding time while designing the cupcakes.

Sport Events

Planning a day out in the sun? We present two cupcake sets appropriate for fun sports events:

Football/Soccer Club Cupcakes

The Football/Soccer Club Cupcakes are perfect for when you are having a watch party for a big club game. Simply contact us to enquire about your chosen football clubs’ designs. We will have the cupcakes designed with features of your favourite club—from the crest and scarf to the league in which they belong. The cupcake set also includes a football-themed topper, complete with any personalised message of your choice.

Additionally, our signature buttercream can be made to follow your club colours. Elevate your fan experience to new, delicious heights with our uniquely custom-made cupcakes.

Surfing Cupcakes

Ideal for a delightful day at the beach, our Surfing Cupcakes introduce a fresh and exciting design, making them the perfect snack for a well-deserved break after your seaside activities.

Each cupcake is hand-piped in our store with our colourful and fluffy buttercream. They are individually topped with different beach designs or surfboards, all made in-house by our team of creative pastry chefs. Surf the waves, then have a break with a deliciously made cupcake.

Special Events

Special events bring people together to commemorate a unique occasion, and food always plays a pivotal role in these celebrations. Treat yourself and your guests to the following selection of delectable cupcakes.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A baby shower is a special event for all parents. Make the event extra special with the Baby Shower Cupcakes. The cupcake set is suitable for when you are hosting the event or if you need a gift for attending a baby shower.

Match the adorable future baby with equally adorable cupcakes with each cupcake decorated with various baby shower-themed toppers. Choose from options of baby footsteps, customised names, flowers, and teddy bears to decorate the cupcakes.

You can even customise each cupcake for a baby gender reveal. We can tint the whipping cream on each cupcake in either blue or pink to give your reveal a special twist.

Personalized Cupcakes with Edible Image Print

Our range of cupcakes also includes custom images selected by you with Personalised Cupcakes with Edible Image Print. The cupcake set employs edible paper made from starch and sugar, and printed with edible food colouring.

Simply provide your chosen picture, and we will have it printed onto your cupcakes.

The flexibility in design enables you to have these cupcakes on any occasion. From corporate events to birthday parties, we will be able to print out any design of your choice.

Seasonal Events

Holidays are a fun reprieve for everyone. Discover the perfect centrepiece for your festive gathering with our seasonally designed cupcakes. Add a touch of unique sweetness to the celebration with these specially crafted treats:

WS Christmas Selections – Cupcakes

The WS Christmas Selections – Cupcakes are the perfect finger food for your Christmas parties. They include various Christmas theme designs ranging from reindeer to mistletoes and Santa faces.

Also, consider trying out our 3D Christmas toppings, printed in a reindeer, Christmas tree, and full-sized Santa designs. The cupcake toppers will give your cupcakes an extra dimension to ensure they stand out even more at your Christmas event. Enquire about the availability of our 3D topper before making the order as they are only available while stocks last.

Mid-Autumn Cupcakes

Our Mid-Autumn Cupcakes are designed to complement the mooncakes served during the Mid-Autumn Festival. We’ve got a variety of design options to get your party into a festive mood, from Chinese teapots to zodiac animals, lanterns and more.

All cupcake toppers are made with fondant uniquely designed to fit the mid-autumn theme. Don’t just enjoy mooncakes, try out the Mid-Autumn Cupcakes too!

In addition, our cupcakes can be customised to your preference, available in either fudgy chocolate or vanilla bean flavours. Additionally, select sets offer the opportunity to indulge in the premium flavours of red velvet or earl grey. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your cupcake set to your specific taste.

Get your Cupcakes at White Spatula

Regardless of the occasion, you can find a suitable cupcake set at White Spatula to match the occasion. Explore our range of gourmet cupcake sets, all of which are made from the finest ingredients, to delight your taste buds.

Reserve a fresh batch of cupcakes and have them baked-to-order for self-pickup or delivery. Alternatively, you can explore our social media pages to peruse our customised dessert galleries to get an idea of our design customisations.

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