6 Must-Try Unicorn Cakes for Birthdays

August 01, 2023

6 Must-Try Unicorn Cakes for Birthdays

A birthday is a momentous yearly occasion for people of all ages. One way to make the day extra special is to have a running theme. Themes add vibrancy and colour to a birthday, transforming them into experiences worth remembering.

One of our favourite themes is the unicorn theme, and today we wanted to share 6 must-try unicorn cakes for birthday celebrations for yourself or your loved ones.

Little Pony Over the Rainbow Buttercream Cake (Limited Edition)

The limited edition Little Pony Over the Rainbow Buttercream Cake is made with inspiration from the popular franchise ‘my little pony’ and includes a choice of four cute pony cake toppers. Each of the variations of the Little Pony Over The Rainbow Buttercream Cake is adorned with a fondant that complements the little pony theme, replete with rainbows, butterflies, and bows.

Better yet, the cake toppers are limited edition pony figurines that can be kept as toys by your kids to enjoy after their special occasion. The figurines also include a white tail that magically changes into beautiful colours when dipped into water, allowing for a mini-DIY project for kids to enjoy at the party.

Choose your favourite from the four options of design A to design D and let your kids have a world of fun with their personalised ‘my little pony’ inspired cakes. Do note that designs are subject to availability.

Unicorn 2D Cake

Pamper your taste buds with the Unicorn 2D Cake. This is one of our most popular cakes, loved by both adults and kids alike. Iced with an even and not-so-sweet vanilla buttercream layer, with soft pink swirls of buttercream, topped with a special 2D unicorn design, we’ve specially designed this cake for all unicorn lovers.

The cake offers a simple design suitable for all ages, with space to write a customised message to wish the special someone a happy birthday. The flat 2D design also makes transporting the cake easier, as you don’t need to worry about a 3D topper falling off.

So, if you’re looking for a simple but elegant unicorn cake, then this is the cake for you!

Unicorn Buttercream Cake

The Unicorn Buttercream Cake is one of the store's bestsellers with nine different design variations to choose from, including the Cara, Suet Fong, Estee, Jing Xuan, Alexanria, Avisha, Oswald, Leia, and even a Batman unicorn.

Every design comes with its own unique colour scheme and boasts special features such as the anime eyes of Cara, the cute nerd glasses of Oswald, and even the stoic Batman mask.

Each cake is adorned with a golden unicorn horn made of fondant, cute little pony ears, and colourful buttercream to duplicate the flowing manes of a unicorn. The statement piece should amaze all your birthday party guests and allow for a memorable occasion.

Mini Unicorn Buttercream Cake & Cupcakes

If you’re looking to get a little more than just a cake, consider the Mini Unicorn Buttercream Cake & Cupcakes.

The cake features a mini version of the unicorn buttercream cake and is surrounded by an assortment of cupcakes, with each cupcake piece also showcasing the cute and chic unicorn design. Each cupcake has its own fondant unicorn horns and a smattering of colourful buttercream on top.

Cater to every guest’s taste with the clever combination of cake and cupcakes. Get it customised with the name and age of the birthday guy/girl for a unicorn cake that will be uniquely theirs. Wow them with the cute unicorn design and make the birthday party a memorable occasion for all.

Pastel Unicorn Rainbow with Macarons Buttercream Cake

Not a fan of cupcakes? Consider the Pastel Unicorn Rainbow with Macarons instead. This uniquely designed unicorn cake is layered with a not-so-sweet buttercream layer.

The base of the cake is covered in colourful sprinkles, with the icing on the top decorated by a circle of pure white macaroons, each sitting atop a fluffy cloud of colourful buttercream. The cake also features a small and cute unicorn topper and can be customised with an additional unicorn birthday topper for birthdays.

We recommend adding some unicorn cake pops, unicorn cookies, and an additional box of macaroons to give your guest a multitude of birthday treat options.

Unicorn Pinata Surprise Cake

Need a cake that doubles as a fun activity? Then, the Unicorn Pinata Surprise Cake is the perfect choice! This cake delivers a delightful combination of culinary delight and engaging playtime, making it an ideal centrepiece for children's birthday celebrations. Elevate your child's birthday party to a magical new level with this unicorn-themed cake, replete with exciting surprises and additional activities.

The cake features a distinct pinata top, accompanied by a charming unicorn topper, which can be kept as a fun toy for your kid. The piñata, a sphere of perfectly tempered chocolate, offers a delightful surprise in itself. Even more exciting, the piñata is packed with a special treat, promising a burst of joy for the birthday child when they crack it open.

Offer your birthday guest an unforgettable surprise and make the birthday experience extraordinary with this elegant cake.

Get Your Unicorn Cake Today

If any of the cakes on our list have piqued your interest, don't hesitate to purchase them from our store. Seize this opportunity to make a unicorn lover's birthday extraordinarily memorable with custom-designed cakes from our curated selection. All the listed cakes can be customised in either fudgy chocolate or vanilla bean flavours. Additionally, for an extra $18, you can opt for a premium flavour. Make a special day even more enchanting with our cakes!

Browse through our extensive catalogue and feel free to contact us for more design specifications at +65 9666 7033 or 9880 0222 for urgent enquiries. Take your pick from our self-pickup or delivery options and get a freshly baked dessert within 3 days of your booking. Pick the perfect unicorn birthday cake with White Spatula today.

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