4 Stunning Dessert Tables for Company Events

May 29, 2023

4 Stunning Dessert Tables for Company Events

Every corporate gathering holds significance for businesses in Singapore. These events foster camaraderie among employees while also acknowledging their dedication and achievements. White Spatula, one of Singapore's renowned dessert caterers, can take the overwhelming task of food planning off your hands. Our diverse dessert table offerings are perfect for your corporate festivities. Catering to your specific needs, our delectable assortments promise to exceed your expectations and ensure a memorable event.

The Added Value of Dessert Tables

Supplementing your catered event with dessert tables introduces a variety of options for guests, enhancing their overall experience. These well-presented, delightful treats can make a lasting impression and contribute significantly to the success of your event.

Curious about the importance of dessert tables? Read on:

Dessert Tables Stimulate Appetite

The presentation of dessert plays a pivotal role in making an event more enjoyable. A well-plated dessert can provoke guests' appetites. With a diverse selection on a dessert table, guests can relish a variety of desserts. As per a 2013 study by the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, desserts stimulate food intake due to the sugar exciting the taste buds.

Desserts Elevate the Dining Experience

Desserts, often associated with energy sources, are a popular choice. A well-presented dessert table can enhance the dining experience and promote healthier eating habits. Moreover, dessert tables can be customised to suit specific events, further augmenting your guests' dining experience.

Desserts Enhance the Appeal of the Main Course

As the adage goes, "People eat with their eyes first"; dessert presentation can influence dining enjoyment. Well-prepared dessert tables can tempt your guests to appreciate the main course, thanks to the enticing bites and impressive presentation. This is why entrusting catering to experts is beneficial – they masterfully create appealing dessert presentations. Here are four exquisite dessert tables for corporate events to consider:

1. Small Dessert Table

Ideal for a compact team, our small dessert table offers a range of delightful bites. It includes 12 pieces each of mini cupcakes, macarons, fruit tartlets, and chocolate marshmallows, all attractively arranged on boxes, trays, and stands with stunning décor like flowers.

2. Medium Dessert Table

Our medium dessert table is the perfect choice for mid-sized companies with 25-30 employees. It offers a generous spread of treats, including 12 cupcakes available in premium flavours, 23 macarons in six diverse flavours, and a choice between 20 pieces each of cake pops, fruit tartlets, chocolate ganache tartlets and chocolate truffles or one jar of chocolate pretzels and marshmallows. 

If you're looking for a savoury twist, consider our Savoury Dessert Table package. You can select from 20 pieces of cake pops, fruit tartlets and tuna tartlets for the first combo. The second selection allows you to choose between tuna sandwiches, assorted mini cakes, and mini brownies.

3. Large Dessert Table

For companies with a larger workforce of around 40 to 45 employees, our large dessert table is the way to go. This package comes with 12 cupcakes and 35 macarons in various flavours. For combi selection 1, choose from 30 pieces of cake pops, fruit tartlets, tuna mayo tartlets, chocolate ganache tartlets, or jelly shooters. The second selection offers either 2 jars of chocolate marshmallows, 30 sandwiches or mini brownies. To elevate your celebration, you can add a balloon decor package. Customised cakes are also an option – discuss the design with our team for a separate quote.

4. Grand Dessert Table

For significant company milestones or grand celebrations, choose our grand dessert table. It caters to 55 to 75 people with five types of desserts, including cupcakes, macarons, and brownies. Depending on your chosen theme, our design team will customise the décor.

Make Company Events Special with White Spatula

Add a dash of sweetness to your corporate events with White Spatula’s delectable desserts. Whether it's team building, company anniversaries, or outings, rely on us for an impressive dessert table! We work closely with our clients to ensure every event is executed flawlessly. Contact us at +65 9666 7033 or email us at whitespatulasg@gmail.com to discuss your event's requirements.

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