DIY It! Keep Your Kids Entertained At Home

April 28, 2021

DIY It! Keep Your Kids Entertained At Home

As Singapore continues its efforts to recover to what we were used to in more normal times, there are still occasions where we might find ourselves with nothing to do. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for families who have young kids with plenty of energy and no outlet. 

Parents, there is no need to fret, for you can turn to White Spatula in order to fill those empty weekends and spend some quality time with your partner, as well as your kids! It is time to get your hands moving and the creativity flowing with the different home do-it-yourself (DIY) kits that are perfect for both kids and parents to enjoy.

White Spatula’s DIY Projects For Parents And Kids

With our extensive selection of different treats and creative offerings, there is bound to be an DIY activity that catches the eye. 

Let the children nurture their ability to think outside the box and make something with their own hands. Best of all, at the end of the day, everyone in the family will have a nice and yummy treat to enjoy! If you already itching to start, here are the various DIY treats you can look forward to:

DIY Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser, so why not bring it home and make it the focus for the day? White Spatula’s Home DIY Cupcake Set offers you and your family a fun and affordable way to keep busy and look forward to a great time after.

With piping bags in assorted colors and assorted sprinkles, it will be up to the family just how your dream cupcake will turn out. No matter what, they are all going to be delicious! 

White Spatula also uses a less sweet buttercream, so you can rest easy letting the kids indulge themselves.

DIY Cakes

Have a big occasion coming up, or just have a craving for something sweet and yummy? Add a personal touch with our Stay Home DIY Cake Set, and get everyone involved! 

Each kit comes with a 6” cake, sprinkles to go wild with, and a surprise 3D figurine topping that all the kids will enjoy. Improve your fine motor skills, and let the family bond with this DIY treat.

Just like our cupcakes, we use less sugar to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the treat, with our signature Fudgy Choc flavour providing the deliciousness you love.

DIY Themed Treats

Here at White Spatula, we know that it can be hard to nail down a decision when it comes to colourful and tasty treats. This is why we have put together a variety of themed DIY treats that will surely surprise and delight the young one in the family.

They could go exploring Under The Sea, or meet new partners in fun with Monster & Friend. The exotic sights of the Safari awaits as well, or you can always see the animals at the Barnyard. Finally, Easter may be over, but that does not mean the end of the treats, and a mystical Unicorn is always a welcomed sight.

 Home is the perfect place for such wonderful treats to be found, so wait no longer!

Let White Spatula Help

As you can see, staying at home is not always a bad thing. With a little help from White Spatula and our selection of fun DIY projects for both kids and parents, you will have a ball of a time without stepping out of the house!

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