How to Plan an Epic Birthday Party on a Budget

March 22, 2021

How to Plan an Epic Birthday Party on a Budget

Assorted coloured balloons, simple party foods, and a custom cake placed in the centre of the table – whether a birthday party holds any significance to you on a personal level or not, there is no denying that all the birthday hoopla is one worth reminiscing about. Despite birthdays being such a special annual occurrence, many are left puzzled on how to plan a birthday party while on a tight budget.

There is no denying that great company and good food are what make a great party. As the saying goes, “great food and great company are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures.” Food and company aside, fun activities are another must-have, especially when throwing a kid’s birthday party. From party food ideas for adults on a budget to kid’s birthday party ideas, we cover them all in this blog so that you can throw a birthday bash without putting a dent in your wallet.

How to Keep to Your Budget

You might feel like there is no way to work around a small budget without hosting the most boring shindig. But here’s the thing – simplicity is key! There are several things to consider to ensure you do not go overboard and spend money on things that will be tossed into the trash after the event. These include:

1. Limiting your guestlist

It is a given that the more people you invite, the more you’ll have to splurge. You’ll have to spend more on food, party gifts, desserts, and the venue. This is especially so when hosting a kid’s birthday party since you’ll probably have to invite their parents as well. To avoid the possibility of having 50 people rolling up to your house, limit your guest list – inviting 10 of your kid’s closest mates will be just right.

2. Sending out e-invites instead of physical ones

Sending customised print invites is going to cost you hundreds of dollars. Get crazy with a customised birthday cake for your kids and ditch the paper invites that will get thrown out at the end of the day. Opting for a digital invite not only allows you to personalise on a budget but also efficiently allows you to keep track of invitees who have RSVP’d to your party.

3. Location, location, location

You could rent a budget-friendly location, but simply hosting a party at home will save you loads. Your location also has to cater to the theme of the party, and hosting the party at your home gives you the freedom to decorate the space as you please! Want to have a full-blown pink birthday party theme for the girls? Go all out in your abode without restrictions. If hosting at a different location, look for one that offers a package deal with discounted add-ons.

4. Avoiding mealtime

Jello in Shooter Cups

A trick is to host a party at a time when no one expects to have a meal. When you avoid “mealtime”, you can serve your guests finger foods and snacks to munch on instead of catering a buffet.

5. Heading to the dollar store

Besides the main decorative elements, hop on over to the dollar store for your party supplies. Be it decoration for the birthday dessert table setup or ornaments fit for an adult-themed birthday party, things like gift bags, utensils, and disposable goods can be purchased at a bargain in the dollar store.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Beyond deciding the appropriate birthday party themes for boys and birthday party themes for girls, throwing an awesome celebration for your kid requires so much more!

1. Customised cakes for kids & desserts

A birthday cake is an essential part of every birthday celebration, and a customised cake is sure to impress all attendees of your kid’s birthday party. Elevate the festive feel by setting up a dessert table with personalised cakes and savoury canapes.

Not sure where to get the best customised cakes in Singapore? At WhiteSpatuala, we create magnificent, personalised cakes and offer birthday cake delivery services when you order our desserts and cakes online.

2. Activities & favours

Entertainment is a must to keep the kids occupied. DIY activities can be your go-to. Be it creating their own personalised cakes or cupcakes or DIY sand art activity, let the kids have fun and get creative! Lastly, to wrap the party up, hand out party favours to show your appreciation.

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