Nailing Corporate Gifting this Chinese New Year

March 11, 2021

Nailing Corporate Gifting this Chinese New Year

When it comes to running a successful business, your clients and customers should take centre stage in your business model. To show real interest in your prospect and ensure your business practises thoughtful employee recognition and appreciation, it’s pivotal that a good rapport is built from the beginning. One of the ways to do this is to have a corporate gifting strategy.

The Importance of Corporate Gifting  

For every business, whatever industry you might be in, maintaining top-of-mindedness is key, especially amongst prospects and existing clients. The first step to building brand loyalty, preference, and drive business, is to have your brand be at the top of your client’s mind. To ensure top of mind awareness, sending corporate gifts to clients – or your employees – is the way to go! 

Types of Corporate Gifts for Clients 

There are two types of corporate gifts – internal, and external. The former involves gifting your employees to increase morale and work ethic. External corporate gifts are ones you send out to your clients to show your appreciation and maintain positive ties. 

The Benefits of Sending Customised Corporate Gifts

The Benefits of Sending Customised Corporate Gifts

  1. Convert Prospects into Business Partners

When customised corporate gifts are sent to prospects, it acts as a final push so that the deal is signed. Capable of attracting new clients, a well-timed gift shows that you are interested in their business and working with them.

  1. Continue Partnership with Clients

It is common practice to send existing clients a gift to let them know that you value their business. These subtle gestures show your clients that you care and, in turn, strengthens the relationship you have with them.

  1. Strengthen Brand Image

As your clients and prospects start to trust and start building a good rapport with you, it is a given that your brand image will be strengthened. This, will bring in new opportunities and even possible referrals in the future.

  1. Employee Loyalty & Commitment
As mentioned, corporate gifts are not just for clients, they are also for your employees. Gifting employees is known to make them feel valued, part of the team, and recognised for their efforts – a great way to say thank-you in the most professional way possible.


Planning Your Corporate Gifting Strategy

Hosting a corporate event or planning to send corporate gifts to your clients this Chinese New Year? To get started, here are a few things to consider before planning your next corporate party or gift delivery schedule.

1. Timing


The holiday season is a common time to gift clients and employees – Christmas is a popular choice for most businesses. This year, why not make a switch and surprise your client on a different occasion, like Chinese New Year with a longevity cake?

2. Decoration & Packaging

Note that this is not an advertising opportunity. It is a gift, so it should be personalised to the recipient. The same applies to your employees. Even if company-branded merchandise seems like a good idea, a gift tailored to your employee, something as simple as a box of custom cupcakes, will work wonders.

3. Budget

Depending on your company policy and preference, you can either choose to fix different budgets for each client or gift every client the same corporate gift.

4. Research  

Before you send anything, check if your client accepts gifts. Find out what your client likes, and be sure to send it to them after the project to show gratitude.

Desserts as Corporate Gifts this Chinese New Year?

Desserts as Corporate Gifts this Chinese New Year

From food hampers and a case of wine to personalised gift boxes, you’ll be spoilt for choices when looking up corporate gifts. You can also choose to get creative by opting for affordable customised cakes or festive desserts this Lunar New Year. At WhiteSpatula, you’ll be able to find the most delectable corporate cakes in Singapore. If you are hosting a corporate party, WhiteSpatula creates desserts that are the perfect accompaniment to any Chinese New Year dessert table. Offering the best online cake delivery services, have affordable desserts such as cupcakes, custom cakes, and more, delivered all across Singapore today! 

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