Of Dreamy Sea, Shells and Beach dessert table setup

July 24, 2016


We did this dreamy dessert table setup for baby Zariel turning 1 over at NSRCC Changi :) We have quite lost count of how many setups we did at NSRCC >.< We will be doing a blog post on popular party venues in Singapore for those looking to plan their next celebration, so keep your eyes glued to our website :)

We love the addition of the tutu skirting to create the cute and dreamy effect of the dessert table :) So although there are many blues used in this theme, it is actually a gender-neutral theme.

There are many small details that we loved about this dessert table. The small boats illustration in the backdrop are so cute! We also added a netting on one side of the dessert table for that extra nautical feel. We also used crushed digestive biscuits to create the sandy effect for the seashells and coral reefs that our customers have collected from all over the world! We also mold fondant seashells for the cupcakes! Cute and edible.

A zoom-in of the cake-

All conceptualization of theme, dessert table styling and desserts were done by WhiteSpatula.

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