Party Ideas for You & Your Girls

January 18, 2021

Party Ideas for You & Your Girls

Calling all ladies (and gentlemen, if any)! Ever heard of the quote “One’s a company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party”? After a long day at work, who wouldn’t like to kick back and relax with their friends. With larger gatherings – in groups of five, that is – now allowed by the government, why not take the weekend off with your girlfriends and party the night away?

Let’s get real, booking a spa appointment costs a bomb in Singapore. Though relaxing and a great way to pamper yourself, there are more efficient and cost-savvy ways to treat yourself. Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or you are looking to host a subdued bachelorette party, turn your home into a little getaway retreat and indulge your clique in an immersive sensory experience unlike any other. Affordable, accessible, and most importantly, enjoyable, skip texting your best mates “we should meet up soon!” and host a magnificent spa night at home with these party ideas. 

1. Have a Theme

Bachelorette or birthday party, whatever you have in mind, having a theme fit for adults is a must. Beyond having a theme that sets the stage for a relaxing environment that will rid you of all the stresses, the right theme will allow you and your guests to indulge in every little element and make the spa day more intimate. Be it through the infusion of scents, colours, or music, zeroing in on the sensory hallmarks will set the “zen”, and transform your home into a space for complete rejuvenation.

2. Setting a Menu

Setting a Menu

Dessert Table by WhiteSpatula


What party is ever complete without food – and desserts? I mean, who can say no to a tray of delectable cupcakes? Sweet indulgences like custom cupcakes are always a great option for your friends to nibble on while you lounge together. Looking to get a little playful with your desserts? Spoil your girls rotten with customised cakes and desserts that will not only make them feel special but also blow their tastebuds away.

Desserts aside, you’ll have to keep your friends hydrated. So why not arrange for a refreshing bar with chilled drinks to accompany the bite-sized snacks? A table filled with sparkling beverages, mini cupcakes, and tuna mayo tartlets – can things get any better than this?

3. Plan Out Some Activities

Theme – check. Desserts – check. That is all, right? Close, but not quite. 

Sure, you may be a firm believer that the party truly starts when you walk in. But your guests need to be entertained in more than one way. Since spa nights are supposed to be stress-free, try keeping activities simple. From setting up stations for DIY-mask making, manicures, or even a little yoga session, these minimal activities will keep the ball rolling long enough. 

4. To-Go Gifts

To-Go Gifts

Meringue Kisses | White Spatula’s Signature Dessert

You’ve had a brilliant time with your girlfriends, and unforgettable memories were made. What better way to end your spa day than with a little door gift? Prepare a thoughtful to-go gift that your guests can grab as they leave. Chocolates and sweets are crowd-pleasers, making them ideal gifts regardless of the event or situation. Meringues are a cheap dessert option to consider too – coming in individual bags, these sugary treats will not only melt in your mouth but also melt the hearts of your guests.

Make Sweet Memories with Your Girls & WhiteSpatula

Set your heart on hosting a girls’ night in and looking to have custom cupcakes and a stream of other desserts to beautify your dessert table? WhiteSpatula has you covered! For cheap and drool-worthy desserts in Singapore, get in touch with us, and we will work our magic to bring your craziest party dessert ideas to life. 

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