World Health Day: Healthy or Harmful?

April 15, 2021

World Health Day: Healthy or Harmful?

Each year on April 7, World Health Day takes place all around the world. Since 1950, this day of celebration has always aimed to create awareness of a particular health theme, as well as to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Over the years, the likes of mental health, maternal and child care, climate change, and more has been the focus. For 2021, it is all about building a fairer, healthier world for everyone. Following the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a message that everybody can get behind, with health inequalities in need of eradicating so that everyone can benefit from a higher standard of health.

On a more personal level, however, it is vital that every individual, parent or child, learn to cultivate the best of habits in order to keep your health in tiptop shape. It is never too late to start, and building habits take time, so the sooner you begin, the better it will be for the long run. Just like most things, however, moderation is key. Taking care of one’s health is important, but so is staying happy.

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Vital Tips To Keep Your Health At Its Best

It may seem daunting, but it does not take too much to make your physical and mental health priorities. In fact, a few simple steps can go a long way. By considering the following factors in your daily life, you are all set to make a big difference for your future.


When it comes to being in shape and having the best foundation to live your life to the fullest, there is no escaping from talking about your diet. A balanced diet that pays more attention to the smaller details is immensely beneficial, and provides everyone with energy and vigour to tackle any obstacles that lay ahead.

Be sure to get your daily calories from these sources:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Lean proteins

Of course, it can be a hassle just trying to keep track of all of these. In essence, as long as you are eating in moderation and not overindulging, you are doing fine. This applies to the sweet stuff as well, such as desserts, cakes, and more. It is okay to treat yourself once in a while. The best health tip is keeping everything balanced, and that goes for your diet especially.

Protect yourself and keep your body working effectively, and for children, a balanced diet helps ensure good growth and nutrition each and every day.


You cannot be talking about health without mentioning the dreaded exercise. Once more, it is essential to note that you do not need to be pushing the limits all the time. Regular exercise, be it a brisk walk in the park or an hour sweating in the gym, is good for everyone, but not mandatory.

As long as you keep yourself active a few times a week, the health benefits it brings will be obvious. By committing to a routine, you are more likely to be able to control your weight, reduce health risks, improve your overall mood and mental health, and strengthen your body.


Water is key to health bodily functions, and there is a reason why one should always look to drink an adequate amount of water each day.

The most important drink you will have every day has many benefits. You are looking at maintaining your body’s balance, ensuring your body functions as it should, keep your energy and brain functions at an optimal level, and can even help in weight loss.

You may crave for that bubble tea once in a while, and that is okay. Just be sure to drink more water throughout the day.

Mental Health

When we are talking about health, it is not just about the body. Mental health is a big issue today, and rightly so. Doing what makes your happy, relieving stress, and giving yourself a break occasionally are ways you can go about making sure you do not burn out.

Modern life can be hectic and stressful, and you need to address that. Have a sweet treat, take a few days off, balancing your life and the moments of rest will do wonders for everyone.

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Remember, make your health a priority without going overboard. Staying healthy should also mean staying happy!

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