Chinese New Year Party Ideas for Your Company

January 21, 2021

Chinese New Year Party Ideas for Your Company

Planning a party is no easy feat – especially when you are hosting a themed party for your company. Whether a small and medium-sized enterprise or a large one, catering to the varied personalities, tastes, wants, and needs of all your colleagues can be a challenge. However, celebrating events such as an employee’s birthday party can do a lot for team camaraderie and bonding.

As we get used to Singapore entering Phase 3 and the New Year, there is one special occasion just around the corner that calls for a party – Chinese New Year! With restrictions eased even further in Phase 3, why not treat your employees and colleagues with a Chinese New Year-themed party to keep the festive and holiday vibes alive? We help you get the party started with a few Chinese New Year party decoration ideas and tips that are sure to have your co-workers talking about for weeks. 

Tips for Planning an Amazing Chinese New Year Party

There is no denying that a carefully planned event makes for a great party. When every detail is nailed to the tee, you should be able to get the most out of the party and keep everything within budget – of course, everyone leaves happy at the end of it. So, what are the Chinese New Year-themed party basics to consider?

1. Creating a project plan & budget

One can never go wrong with a plan. Decide on the theme, venue, time and date, food, decorations, and the agenda. Set a budget and come up with a checklist of must-haves for the Chinese New Year party. Using this as the foundation, start locking in details as you source out vendors who will be able to cater to your needs. Planning a last-minute party? Make sure your chosen vendor will be able to deliver and not disappoint. 

2. A cost-effective party menu

Don’t we all love to go all out and treat our friends and colleagues all the time? Despite our desires to spend lavishly, when hosting a corporate function, sticking to the budget is key. Since food tends to take up the bulk of the budget, decide between a range of affordable options. Does a buffet sound appealing, or are you planning to have everyone bring a dish? Whatever it may be, the food menu must go with the theme.

A cost-effective party menu

To get a little fancy, throw in an affordable dessert table. Cake shops like White Spatula offer corporate party dessert tables for customers in Singapore. With some of the best treats, such as macarons, customised cakes, and cupcakes, your corporate event is sure to leave a sweet aftertaste. You can also add a little twist by ordering some of the best macarons as a substitute for the traditional kuih bangkit or pineapple tarts! 

3. Entertainment  

Corporate parties have a reputation for being stale and boring. To make sure the party is not over after everyone has eaten, get creative with different types of entertainment so that everyone is in the festive spirit. Set up a photo booth with a festive backdrop and throw in a few props to set the mood.

4. Gift Exchange & Door Gifts

Gift Exchange & Door Gifts

Push Cake Desserts

One can never forget Ang Bao packets during Chinese New Year! If your company does not believe in monetary incentives, gift cards are a great alternative. To wrap up the whole event, door gifts are also a must. Opt for fancy artisanal chocolates or customised cupcakes as these are tried and true gift ideas that can be savoured by your employees. Meringue favours and push cakes tend to be packed individually, making them convenient party favours to pick up before leaving. 

Get White Spatula Cakes & Cupcakes this Lunar New Year 

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