Unique Door Gifts for Corporate Events

March 22, 2021

Unique Door Gifts for Corporate Events

From an all-paid for a company trip to spectacular award ceremonies and galas, corporate events are hosted to bring employees, stakeholders, potential clients, and even customers together. Held with the intention of developing interpersonal relationships that are otherwise tedious to strengthen in a work environment, businesses traditionally organise these events annually. Large enterprises might hold formal events such as company meetings to discuss business performance. Small-medium enterprises and start-ups, on the other hand, might partake in conferences. Of all the formats, internal activities and celebrations are corporate events that particularly educate, reward, and motivate employees.

With recent celebrations of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, and upcoming festivities, there are plenty of opportunities to entertain and reward your staff. Whether you decide to host an appreciation event to spend informal time with your co-workers or celebrate your company’s anniversary, every grand celebration needs to be accompanied by gifts – in this case, corporate gifts.

Typical Corporate Door Gifts

One type of corporate gift that is given out during these events is corporate door gifts. Gifted to everyone who attends a specific event, door gifts, like party favours are well-loved and appreciated by all attendees. For most corporate events, customised door gifts like company-branded clothing, e-gift cards, branded tumblers, and fun desk items tend to be given out. Though innovative and relatively appealing, taking notes from less formal celebrations like weddings and birthday parties demonstrates the possibility for uniqueness and creativity. To make corporate events fun, why not opt for edible door gifts instead? From custom cakes to brownies, we cover door gift ideas that are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Sweet Door Gifts & Edible Party Favours

Formal occasion or not, everyone loves a delicious dessert. At WhiteSpatula, we specialise in desserts such as macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, and custom cakes. A popular choice for family-friendly occasions, desserts are a versatile yet unique door gift. Not only are they customisable to complement the theme of your corporate event, but desserts also come at a relatively cheap price here at WhiteSpatula. So, what are some of the sweet treats that you can get your hands on?

1. Macaron

Bite-sized, macarons are the best crowd pleasers. At WhiteSpatula, our macarons come in a set of 20. Available in a range of flavours like lychee rose, strawberry, and mango, you can bulk order these chewy goodies and have them customised for your party.

2. Cake Pops & Push Cakes

A unique twist on desserts, cake pops, and push cakes are easy to carry and sure to grab the attention of anyone. One of our best-selling desserts for both individual and corporate parties, customise the design of your cake pops with us. When you order our push cakes, choose from chocolate, vanilla, or one of our premium flavours, and have the colours of the 3 sponge cake layers match the theme of your event.

3. Chocolates & Sweets

Chocolate Truffles

From chocolate pyramids and chocolate truffles to marshmallow pops and tarts-chocolate ganache. Our dainty pyramid-shaped cookies and cream chocolates are colour-customisable, and our all-time favourite chocolate truffles can be coated in either cocoa or decadent coconut.

4. Meringue

Have bags of meringue cookies with personalised tags and WhiteSpatula signature meringue kisses decorate your dessert table setup. A truly delicious treat, these melt-in-your-mouth crispy cookies are not only low in calories but also the perfect parting gift for any event.

5. Cookies

Customise your cookies at WhiteSpatula with edible prints – print your company logo or anything related to the event that you are hosting. Get monogrammed cookies wrapped up in individual bags, completed with a personalised tag when you order our customised cookie favours.

6. Custom Cupcakes

Personalised Cupcakes with Edible Image Print

Our intricately crafted and custom cupcakes can be personalised with edible image prints or ordered from our pre-set menu. Placed delicately on dessert tables or given out in individual boxes, our custom cupcakes are something your guests can bring home and enjoy after the celebration.

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